Second Degree Each district should have its own Second Degree team. It is the responsibility of the District Deputy to form his team. The councils in his district are urged to cooperate with their District Deputy to help him in this task, especially since many districts have in the past not formed their own teams. All parts in the Second Degree should be memorized. It is imperative that each District Deputy hold regularly scheduled Second Degrees so that candidates can advance to the 3rd degree. Third Degree The State Deputy is in charge of the Third Degree. Requests to host a Third Degree should be made to the State Ceremonials Chairman who will determine if a Conferring Officer and his staff are available, and if there is no conflict with the date. The State Ceremonials Chairman will then make his recommendation to the State Deputy. The State Deputy has the final say in the scheduling of a Third Degree. Every effort will be made to honor the requests made by a council wishing to host a third degree. Councils hosting a Third Degree should consult the guidelines for this on the state website.