From the State Deputy

mccraw_head“Strengthening Catholic Families”One of my first official acts as State Deputy was to attend the State Ladies Auxiliary meeting in Jackson.  It gave me an opportunity to personally and formally express my support for the Auxiliary, for President Marcia Flagg and her officers, and for the tireless effort of Past President Bobi Frey. There is no question that I have high expectations for them.

We need the ladies involved in our efforts to develop programs for young families, our youth and to make our events pleasant. I love my brothers but the Ladies have a much better understanding of what it takes to welcome families, especially the young mothers who are much too far from their own Mom and need that special attention only a mother or grandmother can provide. We do a fine job recruiting good Catholic men but our need today is to recruit Catholic families. For that to happen, the wives must feel there is a place for them. An active auxiliary can fill this need nicely.

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